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title pic Why herbal medicines are better than pharmaceutical drugs

In this article, we will be talking about what makes herbal medicines much better than pharmaceutical drugs, at least when certain conditions need to be treated. If you have something extremely serious that can be life threatening, of course you will want a harsh and potent pharmaceutical drug to treat it, but for everything else, it is best to go natural.

First of all, the simple fact is that pharmaceutical drugs can be extremely harmful for you. Even those that we consider everyday drugs that you just pop when you feel a bit down. For instance, did you know that aspirin can cause ulcers, or that too much ibuprofen can lead to liver failure? Sleeping pills are particularly dangerous as they can cause sleepwalking and can even lead to addiction after a while. Do not get us started on painkillers and medications for mood alteration that will have you hooked as quickly as heroin.

On the other hand, natural medicines are extremely safe as they contain nothing that is not already found in nature and as they do not contain all kinds of synthetic chemicals that can ruin your health. Furthermore, even when you are not feeling down, it is a good idea to take some herbal supplements just to keep your health and stave off all kinds of illnesses.

You might think that pharmaceutical drugs are safe because the FDA tests them before they are allowed to be sold. While there is an approval process, it is absolutely impossible to tell what a medication may do in long term cases and that is why a huge number of medications has been withdrawn from the market when people found out that they can cause severe side effects, in many cases life-threatening ones.

You can also sometimes hear that herbal medications do nothing for you which is complete nonsense. The truth is that huge pharmaceutical companies make too much money on their drugs and that they cannot allow positive studies to be published. That is why they are always on a lookout for new studies that may prove that herbal medicines work. Such studies are instantly discredited by pharmacists on their payroll and you cannot hear about these findings.

title pic Herbal supplements that will make you healthier than ever

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title pic Various types of herbal medicines

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